Yvonne Stewart

Clarinet, Piano, Keyboard, Theory.

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Favourite bands/artists?  The Smiths, Pink Floyd, The Waterboys, Talk Talk, The Blue Nile, The Clash, New Order and most Indie and Britpop.

Musical heros?  David Gilmour, Johnny Marr, Darius Milhaud, Lindsey Buckingham, Chris Lowe, Vaughan Williams, Tori Amos.

What got me started?  I come from a musical family and grew up with music around me at home all the time.  My dad played bagpipes, accordion and piano and my mum sings.  Loved regular trips to the theatre in Ayr and Glasgow when I was little and became fascinated with watching the band, rather than what was happening on stage.
Musical instruments I own?  A Buffet RC clarinet, a 25 year old Buffet E11, an even older Boosey & Hawkes, three digital pianos and a few keyboards.  Would love an old Bluthner grand piano one day.
Hobbies?  Reading, hillwalking, vegetarian cooking, gym, keeping this website up to date, learning Dutch and frequent trips to The Netherlands.